PHPI Endurance Coaching

was founded on the principle that "The strength and durability of a building is found in its foundation" and the same applies to endurance training.

Building that foundation is the key to your success, and the coaches of PHPI Racing are here to take all the guess work out of that journey. Our job is to help you achieve your goals successfully and safely. Using a unique combination of fitness, skill and nutrition assessments, your customized training plan will be tailored to fit your desired goals and lifestyle. From Peak Performance plans to yearly periodization periodization training, PHPI Endurance Coaching has what you need to reach that lifelong goal or smash previous PR's.

You can spend thousands of dollars on the latest gear and high end equipment but unless your engine is tuned properly and efficiently, none of that will matter. We hope that you will trust the coaches of PHPI Endurance Coaching with the very important task of maximizing your performance.

  • custom written maintenance training
  • periodization cycles
  • field assessments
  • bio mechanical screenings
  • lactate threshold testing
  • nutrition guidance
  • email and telephone access to your coach



Scott Padgett

Scott is a certified multisport coach through USA Triathlon as well as the International Triathlon Coaching Association. He has been racing multisport for eight years and is the co-founder of PHPI Racing LLC. He graduated from Towson University in 2004 with a degree in business management, and after a successful career in team sports he switched his sights to multisport. Scott found success right away in triathlon and with a heart for helping others, coaching just made sense. Scott was trained for three years by Luis Vargas and six time Ironman world champion, Mark Allen.

Some of Scott's racing achievements of note include:
8 time Ironman finisher
2010 Ironman World Championships Kona Finisher
2011 Rock Hall International Triathlon - 1st Overall
2012 Beach to Battleship Full Ironman AG Podium
2012 Ironman 70.3 Pocono Mountains AG Podium
2013 Ironman 70.3 World Championships Vegas Finisher
2013 Ironman 70.3 St. Croix AG Podium
2013 Beach to Battleship Full Ironman 5th Overall, PR 9:32
2015 Toughman Florida Half 5th Overall
USAT All American
35 Age Group and Overall Podiums in eight years of racing.

Scott Prides himself on leading by example, and he applies the same training principles that he uses for his own training to those he coaches. The proof is in the results: since switching to a self coached athlete, Scott has smashed his previous personal records and dropped over 1 hour, 24 minutes from his Ironman time.


Jeremy Beall

Jeremy has been involved in endurance sports his whole life. With a background in cross country running he was a member of the Salisbury University Cross Country and Track & Field Team; he was All-Conference and was also a Team Captain. Jeremy received his Bachelors Degree from Salisbury in Exercise Science and has used his education in his Multisport Coaching career.

Jeremy has been coached by PHPI Endurance Coach Scott Padgett for the last three years where he learned and mastered what it takes to excel in the sport of triathlon. He has found tremendous success as a racer using the PHPI Racing Principles and with a strong belief that communication between coach and athlete is key, you can rest assure that you will hit all your race and fitness goals when Jeremy is at the wheel.

Some of Jeremy's Personal Achievements include:
3X Ironman Finisher
2015 Carolina Beach Double Sprint, 3rd Overall
014 Beach 2 Battleship Full Iron, 4th AG, 17th Overall, 9:43 PR
2014 Rev3 Pocono Mountains Half, 2nd AG
2013 Chesapeakeman AquaBike, 2nd AG
Numerous Overall run race victories and overall podiums in all distances.


Max Venker

Max is a multisport coach trained by PHPI co-founder and ITCA multisport coach Scott Padgett. He has been racing multisport for three years and is a member of the Rockin?~@~Y Refuel Elite Racing Team. Max graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 2010 with degrees in engineering. He grew up as a competitive swimmer and played soccer collegiately. After ending his soccer career Max began looking for new ways to stay competitive and active. First landing on long distance run races Max quickly made the switch to multisport falling in love with the necessary balance between the swim, bike, and run. A firm believer in using a scientific approach and tireless work ethic Max has achieved great success early in his career and would love the opportunity to help others achieve their multisport aspirations. Be it completing a sprint distance triathlon, achieving a PR in your next big race, or qualifying for Kona at the Ironman distance Max can help you reach your goals.

Some of Max's racing achievements of note include:
2016 Ironman World Championships Kona Qualifier
2015 Ironman 70.3 World Championships Qualifier
1st AG and 9th Overall at 2015 Ironman Maryland (PR 9:13)
3rd AG and 6th Overall Amateur at 2014 Ironman 70.3 Muskoka
1st AG and 7th Overall at 2014 Beach to Battleship Half Ironman (PR4:17)
1st AG and 5th Overall at 2014 Mid-Atlantic Regional Olympic Distance Championships

Max prides himself in a balanced approach to triathlon, consistently finishing near the top for each of the three disciplines. He has achieved quick improvement and fantastic results using the nutrition and training methods taught to him by PHPI Endurance Coaching founder, Scott Padgett.


Rachel Varn

Rachel is a life-long endurance athlete. Now in her 4th season racing triathlon, coached by PHPI Endurance Coaching's Scott Padgett, Rachel has made great strides in multisport. Coaching gives Rachel the opportunity to use her knowledge and experience in the sport to help like-minded athletes achieve their biggest goals!

Rachel ran track and cross country at Johns Hopkins University, and was an ACE certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor while in college. Rachel continued to run road races in her 20's, including qualifying for the Boston Marathon. As a born competitor with a substantial capacity for hard work, Rachel sought out new athletic and fitness challenges. Though lacking a cycling background and swim experience, Rachel was drawn to the new challenges presented by triathlon. Convinced to sign up for an Irongirl triathlon by some workout buddies, Rachel raced to 2nd place age group with the fastest amateur run split of the day. She was hooked from that very first race, and over the next several years working with Coach Scott, honed her skills in each of the three race disciplines and is proud of her progress in each.

Some of Rachel's achievements include:
3 Time USAT All American (2013, 2014, 2015)
Ironman All World Athlete
Ironman Maryland 2015, 3rd AG, 4th overall female, 10:03
Challenge Williamsburg Half Iron 2015, 3rd AG
3rd AG, USAT Regional Club Championships Olympic distance, 2014 & 2015
Beach2Battleship Half Iron 2013, 3rd overall female, 5:00
Chesapeakeman Skipjack 75.2 2013, 3rd overall female
Numerous Overall and Podium finishes in road races, including Ripley Race 1st Female 2012 and 2014

Using the tremendous knowledge gained over her years training and racing with Scott Padgett and PHPI, Rachel prides herself in an approach to training that balances family life, work and proper recovery. Recognizing the importance of strength training, proper nutrition, and pre-hab/recovery for injury prevention and maximizing performance, she develops balanced training plans that allow athletes to get the most out of their training and meet their racing goals!


Jeff Peaper

Jeff Peaper is a certified multisport coach through the International Triathlon Coaching Association. He has been racing multisport for five years and is a co-founder of PHPI Racing LLC. Jeff holds a bachelor degree in exercise science and a master degree in medical science. He currently holds a license and practices as a physician assistant at an urgent care center. Jeff excelled in youth sports and this contented in college athletics. After graduating college Jeff began training and racing triathlon and has become a true student of the sport. Jeff uses his medical and science background to support his knowledge of athletics to maximize performance while decreasing injury risk. Jeff and his wife Lynn live in Crofton, MD.

Some of Jeff's racing achievements of note include:
2013 Ironman 70.3 World Championship Qualifier
2013 All World WTC Team Bronze
Numerous podium finishes

Sample Plan

There is more to preparing for a triathlon than just the physical training plan. Nutrition, technique, assessments and consultation with your coach all play a key role in getting you to the podium.

Even through the physical training plan is only one aspect of our program, it is a cornerstone that many potential PHPI Endurance Coaching customers are curious about. Here’s a one-week snapshot of one physical training plan. Note that every training plan is custom made just for you, this is just one example!


Premier Package

For the athlete who requires the most personal attention and 1 on 1 sessions and communication with their coach. This package gives you unlimited access to your coach for the most detail in our periodization cycles. This package is perfect for the athlete with very specific goals and a strong desire to smash through them. This package includes all of our training services including lactate threshold testing, bio mechanical screening, and individual sport assessments with video feedback. Contact us for more information on this package.

Custom written maintenance training
Custom written peak training
Periodization planning
Field assessments with video feedback
Face-to-face meetings and assessments
Lactate threshold testing
Nutritional guidance and breakdowns using nutritional software
Training and race day nutrition guidance
Bio mechanic screening
Unlimited email and phone call access
Mental training
Strength training plan

$350/month, 3-month minimum


High Performance Package

For the athlete that does not require as much 1 on 1 attention with their coach. This package includes all of our training services but with a 40-minute phone call each month with your coach. Periodizatoin planning is based on the athlete's feedback via email.

Custom written maintenance training
Custom written peak training
Periodization planning
Field assessments with video feedback
Face-to-face meetings and assessments
Lactate threshold testing
Nutritional guidance and breakdowns using nutritional software
Training and race day nutrition guidance
Bio mechanic screening
Mental training
Strength training plan

$250/month, 3-month minimum


Written Plan Only

Includes a monthly training plan custom designed specifically for you. Plans are based on estimated heart rate zones and perceived level of exertion unless paired with AT Testing. Plans can be of a maintenance type or designed to peak you for your "A" race.

The written only plan is great for athletes who are already comfortable and confident in their current nutrition plan, strength, and general training principles. The written plan is customized for each athlete based on feedback via email.



Lactate Threshold Test

Find your pin-pointed heart-rate zones through our lactate testing services. With a series of blood tests during interval training with increased intensity we are able to analyze your blood lactate concentration level at certain heart rates and wattage on the bike. Please see the article for why we believe lactate testing is important.